Cowboys camp chronicle 2016


Dez amps it up

Leave it to Dez Bryant to turn up the intensity at the afternoon practice. After a play during team drills, Dez began pointing at every defensive player he saw. "You can guard me! You can guard me!" He said it no fewer than six times. That got Sean Lee to follow Bryant back to the offensive side of the field, but Dez never engaged him directly. Mo Claiborne barked at Bryant for a good while, and then a few minutes later, the two had a pretty good collision while both going for a pass, and that started the jawing all over again.

Two more days of camp before this team returns home, and on Friday, the players can turn some of that anger toward the Miami Dolphins.

Happy Birthday Brad!

Cowboys play by play announcer Brad Sham was treated to some kind words by the head coach on his birthday, today.

"I think he a guy whose gotten better with age," said Jason Garrett. "Obviously, he been a cornerstone figure in the NFL for a long long time. We all fortunate to know him as a friend and he made the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys better through the years."

There was some humor injected, as well.

"He has a striking resemblance to Dennis Hopper lately," said Garrett comparing Sham to the famous actor. "He getting better and better and cooler and cooler with age."

Enjoy your day Brad! And we won ask how many candles should be on the cake.

Joe Trahan

Jerry Jones a step closer to HOF induction

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been voted in as a finalist for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017.

The contributor committee voted today to advance Jones in the process along with former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

This is not a referendum on Jones the general manager, instead his overall impact on the league, which has been vast. From sponsorship and TV deals, to stadium development, and forging the Rams
Robert Mathis jersey return to Los Angeles, Jones fingerprints are all over the country most profitable sports league.

"From my perspective he a first ballot hall of famer," said Cowboys head coach today, re iterating his statement from last week last week. "The impact he had on the National Football League in his 2 years has been significant. He been on the forefront of so many of these different factors that has helped grow the league to what it is right now."

Making the finalist list as a contributor is significant because since the category was created in 2015, all contributor finalist have been voted in.

The final vote on new hall of fame members will take place during Super Bowl week next February in Houston.

Joe Trahan


Prescott not perfect against Rams, says Garrett

Apparently, the rookie wasn perfect. Rams, if any.

"There was a play call that got screwed up that ended up working out for us," Garrett answered. "And there were a couple other things that if you look at it and you say, maybe make a different decision here or have a different reaction here. But, for the most part, did a really good job in the game."

It a little unusual for Garrett to point out mistakes made by a specific player. But in this particular instance, I think it because Prescott was so good in that game.

One possibility is that Garrett doesn want Prescott to get a big head, and another reason would be so Cowboys fans don have a totally unreasonable expectation of the rookie.

Garrett also took some time to talk about Terrence Williams.

We all saw his touchdown catch in the first half, but Garrett talked about a block he made during a run right before the TD.

"Terrence did a fantastic job blocking down the field. It was a 10 or 11 yard run that we had," Garrett said. "To me, it was a great illustration as to what he all about doing the dirty work, making as good a block as you ever see a wide receiver make in the National Football League, and then coming back and doing the other stuff he paid to do."